In The Centre Of My World I Sit

Posted on 4th August, 2022

In the centre of my world, I sit.

Somewhere out there, is the edge of my world.

While I stay in the centre I am ‘at home’.

I am surrounded by the familiar and the known.

But when I go to the edge, I am leaving the centre.

What if I stay at the edge, does that then become a new centre and

Where I used to sit becomes an edge, to me.

How then can I remain centred when I am forever moving to the edges.

I need to be centred on my rock.

A solid rock that sits inside me, that goes with me.

A solid rock that moves when I move.

A solid rock that is both here in my centre and also in your centre.

A solid rock.

A firm foundation.

How can a solid rock move where and when I move?

Because it is a very big rock, actually it does not move.

When I go to the edge,

I find the edge is on the same rock.

My foundation remains.

I travel over shifting sands and stormy seas,

Yet underneath it all, there is still the rock.

A solid rock.

A firm foundation.

What is an edge then, except a boundary.

A line drawn between two places.

Between the land and the sea.

Between the field and the wild.

Between my field and your field.

Between my tribe and your tribe.

Between my comfort and my fear.

Between my health and sickness.

Between my hope and injustice.

Between man and woman.

Between humans and animals.

Between tame and wild.

Between peace and war.

As I come to the edge of vision,

A new view is now visible.

It may be nice or ugly, peaceful or noisy.

That is the nature of edges, they are new and unpredictable.

I may encounter an edge in my living room or on the phone,

Or most likely if I travel or visit somewhere new.                                                                 

Every edge is an opportunity and a challenge.

What is beyond the edge?

I do not know and I cannot predict.

Because beyond the edge is,


The unknown then is the edge.

That is why the information age seems so successful.

Information gives us a feeling we have less unknowns.

There are less edges to worry about.

But information is not knowledge,

Nor is it wisdom.

Let us go then, to the edges we see,

Even to the edge of information.

And let us find,

Knowledge based on our own experience.

And if possible, let us gain,


At any cost.

As we go to the edges,

We may find a rock.

A solid rock.

A firm foundation.

Is there an edge to my faith?

And if I go to that edge will I fall far away?

Or will I find more faith, bigger faith

Faith like living stone.

A firm foundation.

A solid rock.


If my faith is made of rock,

And is not just a pebble or a stone,

There is no edge to be afraid of.

Because underneath everywhere I go,

Is a firm foundation,

A solid rock.


I dare to go to the edge, to face the fear,

And find something that can keep me from falling.

 A living stone that makes a bridge

Into the unknown.

A firm Foundation.

The solid rock.


JESUS,   The Living Stone.

(Rock, Stone, Bedrock)

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