Looking For Evidence of Spiritual Life

Posted on 6th January, 2022

This image is of a collection of polythene tunnels without their polythene, the tunnels are there to provide an environment for growing strawberries. 

I could approach this subject with much more drama....


Here in the early morning winter sunshine we can observe the dormat strawberry hives while they are without their skins. The shedding of the skin is a rarely seen sight but we have observed that given some as yet unknown trigger every autumn the strawberry tunnels remove their skins, new skins are generated in the early spring as the new strawberry growth starts to take place. Here in the northern hemisphere in order to produce perfect strawberries the tunnels need a special protective skin.


This is a remarkably complex phenomenon, the skin is a by product of oil extracted from deep under the north sea or the desert sands of the middle east and it is processed to produce the clear film. When conditions are just right in the autumn a team of human worker bodies become extremely active and rapidly remove the skins and tie them back. Each year a proportion of the skins are replaced if they are observed to have deteriorated. The spawning of a new skin takes place during the spring clothing period, when once again the human worker bodies energeticlly reallign the skins over the naked ribcage of the strawberry tunnels.


It is thought that this highly ritualistic and complex event is celebrated by the human worker bodies as a moment of high reigious significance, but these celebrations have not yet been observed. All we have observed is the actual clothing activity not celebration has been observed. Occurring as they do on the extremely important transitions between the season of fertility and growth and the mirror season of darkness and sleep there should be some ceremony to mark it's importance to the life of the planet. 


Next spring we will be watching to see if we can catch a glimpse of this elusive ceremony, it could provide a great insight to the spiritual lives of the human body workers.

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